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brewers spent grain as rumiants feed2

Prices of feed and concentrates for cattle feed have increased their prices between 20 and 25% so far this year. This increase, driven by the high prices that record the raw materials that are produced, causing more and more farmers are forced to resort to alternative products with which to keep their cows at reasonable costs. One of the most popular beer is bagasse, a kind of slurry resulting from the process of pressing and filtration of must obtained from barley.

While production is insufficient to supply all the demand that has been created in recent times. "We, of course, not dedicated to the manufacture of bagasse, so our production is not increased by the demand that it have the farmers, but by changes in consumption records our beer markets," he says.

The manager of the beer factory acknowledges that although in recent months have increased calls from people inquiring about buying bagasse, the company has a catalog of customers coming serving for years and although they would like to please everyone, it is "virtually impossible."

The success of bagasse are allied, in addition to its significant protein content, which reaches more than 25% - its attractive price compared to other foods with similar nutritional values. So much so, that the cost of a kilo of feed can reach sixfold recording bagasse beer.

Six times cheaper