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Mahou San Miguel and L Pernia drive circular economy

Mahou San Miguel and L.Pernía boost sustainability thanks to an innovative bagasse drying process using solar energy

• This new eco-efficient system, pioneer worldwide, significantly reduces the carbon footprint by using zero emissions technology

• After processing, the bagasse - a sub-product generated when processing cereal grains for brewing - reduces its volume, making it possible to store and transport more efficiently

• L.Pernía annually absorbs 45,000 tons of bagasse from the brewery factory in Alovera, giving it a second life as animal feed

Alovera, June 10, 2019.- Mahou San Miguel - a 100% Spanish company and leader of the sector in our country - and L.Pernía -pioneering company in the collection of by-products of the brewing industry-, have launched an innovative project collaborative that allows to manage the bagasse in a more efficient and sustainable way. It is a new system that uses 100% solar energy to dry this solid waste generated after processing the cereal grains (malt) used in the brewing process and convert it into feed intended for the feeding of domestic animals.
This system is a more ecological alternative to the traditional wet transport of this by-product to livestock, which has an impact on the environmental footprint of both companies. On the one hand, bagasse drying reduces its volume by approximately a quarter, achieving more efficient storage and transport, which translates into the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. On the other, this process prevents the fermentation of the material, which prevents the emission of methane gas.
Pioneer project worldwide
With this initiative, a pioneer in the world, L.Pernía will recover and manage around 45,000 tons of bagasse generated in the brewing process at the Mahou San Miguel factory in Alovera, one of the largest and with the largest capacity of European production, to give it a second life.
Thanks to this innovative eco-efficient drying system, L.Pernía becomes the first company with a 100% solar dryer and Net Zero, the largest in the world, with an extension of 2,500 m2 of solar collectors and expandable to a total 5,000 m2. It is also the only beer bagasse company that has the Solar Dried and Solar Produced ecological certificates.